Site Ownership

August 11, 2009

Whoever wants to own GPA site since we merged can have it. The fist comment will be new owner as long as they have an account and must comment their email.
-Happy Sith


cowbays retirement post

August 10, 2009

yes i cowbay who has worked so hard on this website will be retiring from all armies except FRSW , acp, nachos, and IMAF i am retiring because well its too hard to kepp up to date with all the armies   i have joined. so i will have a retirement party on north pole (my home server) at 11am pst on august 15  after the party i will make my official retirement post.


hey guys u still here?

August 9, 2009

hey everybody idk if youre

srtill here plz coment of let me no cuz if theres anough of us still here i will remake this army

if i have to and i need alteast 2o ppl so ya


Is this still GPA?

August 6, 2009

I thought the GPa merged and became the FRSW? Did everyone know that? Because there’s still a lot of people left here. You guys should move on to the FRSW site. Correct me if I’m wrong. Is the GPA merged or is it still independent?

hi something cool

August 5, 2009

hey everybody

i am working on a secret project with is y i whanted to be here. it might be alot of work but u still might wanna check my blog soon cuz this ( )

he he he he he he

our first issue is like now so look on my blog by tomorow and its about wut to name it


P.S sry for the bad pic it tures out better on other blog cuz it has white where the places it has the backround…

hey listen up

August 5, 2009

everybody u should no about CPRA by now right?
ya theier leader is in this army…anyways

they are gettin alot of argueing about who will be leader between greenarms (green@$$) and ashpie there leader before green@$$ thought he was leader ashpie said he might quit then all sudden green did all this crap like changeing pass words new pages hackin and in thier blog they have a poll if u scroll down a little VOTE GREEN@$$ TO LEAVE

make sure u vote him to leave 🙂 ( )



I’m back!!!

August 2, 2009

Ok, so u’re probably wonderng why i’ve seemed inactive. I’ve been at camp, sorry i didn’t say anything about being gone



btw, I think merging was a bad idea, it’s become chaos and i like the GPA